GA Faith Leaders Condemn Gov. Deal’s Signing of “Campus Carry” 

May 5, 2017

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GA Faith Leaders Condemn Gov. Deal’s Signing of “Campus Carry”  


Atlanta, Ga. -- Gov. Nathan Deal signed a measure Thursday that would allow college students and others to carry concealed weapons on campus of public colleges and universities, despite vetoing similar legislation last year amid an uproar from faith leaders who support common-sense gun laws. In light of this development, Outcry: Interfaith Voices Against Gun Violence has released the following statements.

Rev. Pam Driesell, Senior Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church:


“I am deeply disappointed by the governor’s decision to unnecessarily put teachers, students and administrators in harm’s way. Arming students with firearms doesn’t equate to safe schools. As a pastor, I believe that ‘Campus Carry’ will make us a more violent, less moral society.”


Rev. Damon Williams, Senior Pastor, Providence Missionary Baptist Church; Lecturer, Georgia Tech:


“As a college professor, I am deeply committed to educating eager students, not arming them. As a pastor, I understand how both a church and a campus provide sanctuary. Putting loaded guns in classrooms threatens the moral fabric of our community. I’m deeply saddened by Gov. Deal’s decision to sign this bill.”