Georgia Faith Leaders Mourn Spate of School Shootings, Call for Gun Reform


January 24, 2018



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Georgia Faith Leaders Mourn Spate of School Shootings, Call for Gun Reform


Atlanta, Ga. -- In the first twenty three days of 2018, there have been 11 school shootings. The latest, in Marshall County, KY, ended with two students dead and at least seventeen injured. Faith leaders across Georgia mourn the shooting and call for action to prevent further gun violence. In light of this tragedy, Outcry: Interfaith Voices Against Gun Violence has released the following statements.

Rev William Flippin Jr, Emmanuel Lutheran Church

“I pray that God would have mercy on our country and interrupt our continual repetition of this obscene ritual of death. We cannot keep burying our children. We need sensible changes to our gun laws which make our schools safer - places where kids can learn and not fear for their lives.”

Rabbi Peter Berg, The Temple

“I am deeply saddened by the recent high school shooting that has left at least two young people dead with more than a dozen in critical condition. Gun violence that permeates the sanctity of a place of learning is vile and crippling to a society fails to denounce it. The loss of lives so young and so precious should springboard our lawmakers into action. In the wake of this tragedy, I pray that legislators, at every level, across this country will pass common-sense gun laws that prevent catastrophic events like these from happening.”