After the horrific Newtown school shooting, a diverse group of Georgia clergy came together to work on the problem of gun violence. We drew inspiration from scripture and from the stories of people in our congregations, schools and neighborhoods.


We invited fellow clergy and people of faith to join us, and we grew to hundreds of congregations statewide. Together, we brought our concerns to the halls of power, advocated for common sense gun laws, and worked tirelessly to halt the irresponsible ‘guns everywhere’ law. Although we won a key protection for houses of worship, our work is far from finished.

This year, Outcry once again took action against a series of proposals that would expand ‘guns everywhere’ including allowing more guns on college campuses.

We invite clergy and people of all faiths to sign our letter and join our effort to stem the ceaseless tide of violence that plagues too many communities.

We know that gun violence in Georgia today stems from many sources, and that this won’t be cured overnight or through a single action. As we begin this long journey – one full of obstacles and unexpected turns – we commit ourselves to the four principles of Outcry